Tiers for patrons and donors

If you support A Swede Speaks, there are tiers for patrons (at https://www.patreon.com/aswedespeaks) and donors (through https://www.paypal.me/JGyllenspetz,  bank transfers to my Swedish, Norwegian or Danish bank accounts, and through the Norwegian Vipps app). The articles that I am sending you as tiers are from my upcoming book, Understanding Sweden.

Patreon patrons:

Any donation: a thank you-message.

US$ 5: One article per month.

US$ 10: Two articles per month.

US$ 25 or more: Three articles per month.

One-time donations through PayPal, bank transfers, Vipps:

Any donation: a thank you-message.

US$ 10/€ 10/£ 10/SEK 100/NOK 100/DKK 100: My most recent article.

US $25/€ 25/£ 25/SEK 250/NOK 250/DKK 250: My two most recent articles.

US $50/€ 50/£ 50/SEK 500/NOK 500/DKK 500: My three most recent articles.

If you donate, send me an E-Mail at ensvensktalar@gmail.com to notify me that you want a tier. I might not see your donation for some time, since I do not check my Swedish and Danish bank accounts that often.




  1. […] If you like what I do, please consider supporting my work. For information about how to do that, take a look at the box to the right. Any and all support is greatly appreciated! (If you donate to any of my bank accounts, including through Norwegian Vipps, write a message with your E-Mail address if you want a tier. One-time donations of $ 10 or more gives you a tier or more, depending on the amount. I explain the tiers here.) […]

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