What A Swede Speaks does Tuesday afternoon

Today, I intend to write an article on “Right-wing populism in Sweden” to my upcoming book “Understanding Sweden”, starting with New Democracy, a party founded by two Swedish businessman (one of them is a proper count) in 1991, and then drawing the lines from them to the Sweden Democrats.

I listen to New Democracy’s party song to be inspired before writing.

Do you like what I do? In that case, I encourage you to support A Swede Speaks. For information about how to do that, take a look at the box to the right.

I would also like to mention that if you want to read the article that I am referring to, there are tiers for patrons and donors, explained here. (You could also send me a message, after donating, and tell me that you want the right-wing populism article.) I intend to publish the book “Understanding Sweden” before new year’s eve.

Edit: I have to write more than one article on this topic, so I wrote an article on New Democracy this time. Later, I intend to write about the Sweden Democrats.

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