Hvordan man forandrer samfunnet (Norwegian: How to change society)

It seems like I started a debate in Resett.no about assimilation, hijabs and similar issues. My article about how to change society was recently published in Norwegian in Resett.no. If you can read Norwegian, feel free to read it here.

The debate started with my article about Islamization at Meny Stovner, a local grocery store. That article can be read in Norwegian here.

Resett.no’s employees Shurika Hansen and Maria Zähler responded that they support criticism of Islam and hijabs, and that we should not make every woman wearing a hijab our enemy in an article here. (This was the article that I responded to. Among other things, I said that not every woman with a hijab is my enemy, but the hijab is a symbol of the fascist ideology of Islam, and that I reserve the right not to shop in stores with employees wearing hijabs.)

John M. Johansen wrote about Islam and the things that Islam brings with it. His point was that boycotts will not help, and that we instead should try to influence politicians, lawyers, judges and media to stop allowing for Muslim men to oppress their wives, sisters and daughter. I agree to some extent, and I do criticize what Western politicians are doing when it comes to paving the way for Islam. Johansen’s article can be read here.

Even though I wrote my article before I saw Johansen’s article, I actually bring up boycott in my response to Hansen & Zähler – that boycotts are an efficient way of changing society, because boycotts will hit stores where it hurts – that money is a language that everyone understands. I also mention that I am not in favor of integration, since nobody seems to know what integration is. I want assimilation or deportation.

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