Live Stream (3/3/18) with A Swede Speaks and Kenneth Sikorski + I called ABL LIVE

Last night, I live streamed together with Kenneth Sikorski, an American conservative living in Finland. Sikorski also runs the Tundra Tabloids, a good source on European, Israeli and American news. This was my first live stream interview, and I experienced a lot of technical difficulties. Hopefully I will be able to learn more about how to handle technology before next attempt to do a live stream interview. You can watch the live stream here:

A few hours later, I called in to Anthony Brian Logan’s call-in-show ABL LIVE, and discussed freedom of speech and the second amendment to the U.S. constitution. I also gave him my view on why law abiding citizens should be allowed to own and carry arms. You can watch our conversation here (from 41:55):

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