Swede Live (11/24/18): Channel Reboot. France: Gas Price Riots. Evangelism Finns Arrested. + More

Last Saturday, I did my weekly live stream, and talked about the topics in the headline, and of course also many other things. You can watch the live stream here:

If you like what I do and want me to continue, please consider supporting my work. This is my day job, any and all support is greatly appreciated.

For information how to support my work, take a look at the box to the right. Another great way of supporting my work is to order some of my merchandise. You can find more information about that here.

Also remember that I live stream on my YouTube channel Saturdays at 2 PM Pacific time, 3 PM Mountain time, 4 PM Central time, 5 PM Eastern time, 10 PM Western European time, 11 PM Central European time, midnight Eastern European time, and 1 AM, Sunday, Further-eastern European time.

As I said in the live stream, we at Swede Studios are working on a reboot of the YouTube channel. If you have ideas or suggestions, please let us know! It will include bringing in external help, so any and all donations are really helpful.

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