Swede Live (1/26/19): Guaido. New York Abortion. US Government Reopens. Sweden. Norway.

Last Saturday, I live streamed, and we talked about the issues in the headline, and some other things. As always, it was great to connect with my audience. You can watch the live stream here:

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ingrid carlqvist denies the holocaust

About the picture: in the live stream, I mentioned the rally against globalism and the abuse of political power, that was going to be held at Mynttorget (“the Coin Square”) in Stockholm’s Old Town. That rally was organized by the Coin Square Activists and the Populists, and among the speakers was anti-semite and holocaust denier Ingrid Carlqvist. That’s why I recommended nobody to attend the rally. Ingrid Carlqvist’s tweet says: “I call for everyone to go through the evidence for the Holocaust. Most are convinced that there are tons of evidence, but when you go through it, it is not so clear any more. Always check everything”.


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