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Due to all the things happening in the world, I feel the need to mention and comment on them in a news review. Let’s call it Swede’s News Review, and I will publish it here on this blog every now and then, when I feel the need to. The simple reason is that I simply don’t have the time to make a more thorough video comment on each and every one of these things. I might make videos about some of these things, and some of these things could also end up in my Saturday live stream (see below for information about that).

The Swedish-speaking Finnish newspaper Hufvudstadsbladet reports that from May 1st, 2019, people with dual citizenship (if one of the citizenships happen to be Finnish) can lose their Finnish citizenship if they commit certain kinds of terrorism or treason against Finland. Examples of these crimes are breaking the ban against chemical weapons, severe human trafficking, taking of hostage(s), and hijacking if the crime had a terrorist intent and was directed against the vital interests of Finland. To have your citizenship revoked, you also need to be sentenced to an undicitional sentence of five years in prison. The decision to revoke a citizenship will be taken by the Finnish Immigration Service. My only comment to this is: three cheers to Finland! Tosi hyvä (Very good)!

ANSA reports that in Italy, Interior Minister Matteo Salvini announced on Tuesday, April 30th, that his League party will start a petition during this weekend to back its proposal for a bill introducing chemical castration for people convicted of sexual violence. I sincerely hope that the bill goes through. Forza Salvini!

On April 28th, the Daily Mail reported that Sri Lanka has announced a ban on face coverings, including veils and burqas, following the Easter suicide bombings. That is a good decision by the Sri Lankan government. Other countries should follow suit.

In Sweden, Sweden Democrat leader Jimmie Åkesson and Liberal Party leader Jan Björklund announced on May 3rd that they will go on a joint debate tour. This was reported by SVT, the “public broadcaster” (now the taxpayer-funded broadcaster in Sweden). This debate tour takes place right before the Swedish elections to the European Parliament, which will be held on May 26th. The Liberal Party wants more of the European Union, they are in favor of a European super-state which they call federalism, and they want Sweden to change currency from the Swedish krona to the euro. They are the most pro-EU party in Sweden. The Sweden Democrats are instead the most eurosceptic party among the parties represented in the Swedish parliament. They do no longer argue for Sweden to leave the EU, but they want less of a European super-state, and more of national self-determination. The chances that people will chose between voting for the Sweden Democrats or the Liberal Party are small, but it might make for some interesting debates.

My favorite Swedish classical liberal, commentator and comedian Aron Flam held a rally outside of the buildings of SVT (Sveriges Television, “Sweden’s Television”, the previous public broadcaster, now taxpayer-funded), in which he spoke against SVT, he spoke against tax-payer funding of them, pointing out that he as a Swedish taxpayer funds his own competition, and that all Swedish taxpayers fund their own indoctrination. He said that taxpayer-funded culture is not culture, it is propaganda. He also mentioned that he has worked for SVT, but that SVT employees were denied to voice certain (read: libertarian and conservative) opinions, even those who worked with political satire. If you understand Swedish, you can listen to his speech here:



As it has recently been Mayday (May 1st), I should also mention that at the Mayday rally in Umeå in northern Sweden, the speaker Lina Farhat from the Social Democratic Women in Sweden claimed that due to all the racists in the Swedish parliament (her words, not mine), Sweden risks a new holocaust. This was reported by Nyheter Idag, which also mentions that Farhat claimed that the Christian Democrats and the Moderate Coalition Party are right-wing extremists. A few minutes later, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, who is also the leader of the Social Democrats in Sweden, talked and he also described the Christian Democrats and the Moderates as right-wing extremists. You can probably guess that I disagree with the entire label right-wing extremism, since national socialists and fascists were socialists. There is nothing right-wing about them. But even if we accept the contemporary use of the term right-wing extremism, it is foolish to call the Christian Democrats and the Moderates right-wing extremists.

Also on Mayday, in Malmö, in the south of Sweden, at the Mayday rally there, members of the Swedish Social Democratic Youth League chanted “long live Palestine, smash Zionism”. They were walking right behind Ilmar Reepalu, who is a Social Democrat and who served as chairman of the municipal board of Malmö from 1994 until 2013. This was also reported by Nyheter Idag, where you can also listen to the chanting (you don’t really need to understand Swedish to get the chanting). The Social Democrats in Sweden have yet to remove themselves from this chanting. My best guess is that they will not do so either. They want the Muslim vote.

In Estonia, ERR.ee reports that Mart Helme, incoming interior minister, and his son, incoming finance minister Martin Helme made the “OK-sign” in the Estonian parliament, and this has worried both Estonia’s former President, Social Democrat Toomas Hendrik Ilves and Sweden’s former Prime Minister, Moderate Coalition Party politician Carl Bildt. The incoming members from the Helme family both belongs to the Conservative People’s Party of Estonia, EKRE. Ilves claimed that the OK-sign is a white supremacy sign, something that not everyone agrees with. As far as I know they are not racists, but in favor of assimilation and opposed to the EU’s open borders policies. Here is their hand-signalling:

Estonian OK sign

According to a letter to the editor of Nerikes Allehanda, pork is no longer served to patients at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden. So there will be no more Christmas ham, and no more pea soup with pork (a Swedish specialty) to patients at the hospital. The stated reason is to decrease the amount of food being thrown away. The person who wrote the letter does not believe in this explanation, and neither do I. I suspect the true reason for why it is specifically pork that is no longer served is a completely different reason. The only ones who will be served pork at the hospital are people who receive “önskekost” (“wish food”), prescribed by a doctor. What are the chances of a doctor prescribing pork?

On Monday, April 29th, I reported on Sirdal Municipality in the west of Norway banning the Christian youth organization Laget (“the Team”) from handing out buns at their gatherings at Tonstad school. You can listen to my report here:


This does not only happen in Sirdal. The Norwegian “public broadcaster” NRK reports that in many places in Norway, principals refuse Laget to start school teams (skolelag in Norwegian) at all in their schools. We need to pray for Norway, and this needs to be followed. Christians in Norway are not persecuted the way Christians are persecuted in Islamic and Communist countries, but there is this form of soft persecution, where you are ridiculed or refused to have these kinds of activities.

In Denmark, Rasmus Paludan has arranged rallies against Islam, in which he burns the Quran with bacon around it, or throws the Quran around, and throws in the ground. When Paludan did this in Nørrebro, Copenhagen, there were riots. As far as I understand, it was the usual suspects: a combination of followers of Islam and followers of Marxism. Document.no reported on this. There is now a debate in Denmark whether Paludan’s rallies should be legal or not. Some people want to bring back the old blasphemy laws, which were abolished in 2017. According to the Danish blog Kulturradikalisme smadrer Danmark (Cultural radicalism smashes Denmark) the Danish People’s Party , together with the Social Democrats and Venstre (the Liberal Party of Denmark, literally meaning “Left”, although they are usually described as being conservative liberals), all support a temporary ban against Paludan’s activites. Ekstra Bladet reports that Hans Jørgen Bonnichsen, previous head of the Danish Security and Intelligence Service recently said that Rasmus Paludan’s actions can lead to a new Muhammad cartoons crisis.

What is my position on Rasmus Paludan and his actions? As far as I understand, Rasmus Paludan is an identitarian. I am not. I oppose Islam, just like Paludan does. I do it because Islam is a harmful, totalitarian ideology. However, whether I agree or disagree with Rasmus Paludan is irrelevant. What is relevant is that he should have the same right as anyone else to freedom of speech, and to peacefully voice his opinions. People who thinks that Rasmus Paludan should not have freedom of speech – why do they live in Denmark? Shouldn’t they move to Islamic or Communist countries instead? (And Rasmus Paludan, if you read this, I would like to get in touch with you.)

Daily Mail reports that in Silgadji, Burkina Faso, five people were killed in an attack against a protestant church. Among those killed were the priest, Pierre Ouedraogo and two of his sons. The Daily Mail does not state who committed these horrible acts, but it mentions that the area has a problem with jihadist violence. In any case, pray for the Christians and for the church in Burkina Faso.

The last thing that I want to mention is a story from Alabama, USA. Fox News reports that an abortion ban bill has been approved by the state of Alabama – and thank God for that! But not everyone is happy. Alabama state representative John Rogers, a Democrat, stated, in opposition to the bill that “Some kids are unwanted, so you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, you send them to the electric chair. So you kill them now or you kill them later”. John Rogers is black, and abortion has wiped out a large part of the black population in the United States. More black babies are aborted than born alive in the state of New York. And there are plenty of people in America willing to adopt children. I understand that some children are conceived in less than ideal conditions, but that is not an excuse to murder the unborn child. We should always chose life for the innocent and the unborn.

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